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Photos by Hugh Trevor/LPG

except where noted.

000 An atmospheric image of the Cold War—two 5 Sqn Lightnings hold Southern Q at RAF Binbrook on a rainy night.

001 Cliff Spink boards 56 Sqn Lightning F.6 XS929 ‘L’ in front of the RAF Wattisham Q-Shed in 1975 (photo: Steve Riley)

002 Two 11 Sqn Lightnings on Southern QRA at RAF Binbrook in 1987.

003 11 Sqn Lightning XR760 BD on QRA at RAF Binbrook.

004 11 Sqn Lightning F6 XR758 BF on Southern Q at RAF Binbrook in July 1987.

005 The Q-Shed kit, April 2005.

006 The Q-Shed kit, April 2005.

007 Would you tangle with these men? With stanchions proudly erect, Rich & Chris Norris, Jack Read, Jim Featherby, Nick Norris and Andy Bonsell, May 2005.

008 The Q-Shed vertical supports in place, May 2005.

009 Andy Bonsell, Richard Norris, Roly Elliott, Bob Tuck & Dave Bonsell Q-Shed painting in June 2005.

010 Q-Shed door frames in place in June 2005.

011 Q-Shed roof supports were erected in August 2005.

012 How it used to be–December 2006 and the aircraft have to be covered with sheets secured with tyres.

013 Xmas 2006 and the aircraft are in the skeletal Q-Shed.

014 Xmas 2006–soon they’ll be under cover.

015 June 2010 and the Q-Shed is almost complete.

016 David Walton, flanked by Air Cdre John Spencer and LPG President Richard Norris, cuts the ribbon over the heads of LPG members and declares the Q-Shed open. (Photo: Dave Evans)

017 The Q-Shed is officially opened to reveal Lightning F6 XS904, ‘guarded’ by Air Cadets.

018 Lightning F6 XS904 in the Q-Shed, flanked by Air Cadets.

019 The LPG’s Lightnings, XS904 & XR728, lined up in front of the Q-Shed.

020 Former Lightning pilots (L-R) George Black, Clive Rowley, Ian Black, Dennis Brooks, Trevor Beadle, Bryan Smith, Brian Allchin, John Walmsley, Bob Lightfoot, Ed Durham, Mike Smith, Ken Goodwin, Norman Want, Geoff Steggall, John Ward, John Spencer, Dennis Willison, David Jones, Unknown. Andy Williams, who taxied the LPG’s aircraft many times in the early days, was unfortunately delayed and missed the photo-call.

021 ‘WIWOLs’—former Lightning Pilots & Groundcrew who attended the official opening of the Q-Shed.

022 ‘We’re there at last’—the LPG’s celebratory Q-cake baked by Jenny Norris.

023 The LPG’s Chief Engineer Jim Featherby cuts the ‘Q-cake’, celebrating no more outside maintenance in all weathers!

024 The Donors Board acknowledges the significant contributions of many individuals and companies and will be permanently displayed inside the Q-Shed.

025 ‘Night vigil’ of XR728.

026 XR728 in the Q-Shed. The dividing wall between the bays was omitted to facilitate access to both aircraft.

027 XR728 ‘JS’ secure in the Q-Shed.

028 XS904 undergoing routine maintenance in the Q-Shed.

029 XR728 safe from the weather in the Q-Shed.

030 Pilot John Ward crews up XS904.

031 John Ward at cockpit readiness in XS904.

032 John Ward crews up XS904 in front of the Q-Shed.

033 Chief Tech Roly Elliott signals Wg Cdr John Ward ‘Clear to start No.2’.

034 John Ward taxies XS904 in front of the Q-Shed.

035 John Ward taxies XS904 towards Bruntingthorpe’s long runway.

036 The LPG Lightnings nose-to-nose following a fast taxi run by XS904.

037 The LPG Lightnings nose-to-nose.

038 Members of the LPG and Friends at a 22nd Anniversary ‘bash’ in June. (L-R) Rear: Andy Brook, Chris Norris, Andy Bonsell; Front: Hugh Trevor, Jack Read, Roly Elliott, Jim Featherby, Richard Norris, Derek Robinson, AVM Peter Collins, Mick Woolley, Chris Summers, Paul Ross, John Ward, Geoffrey Pool, Pete New.

039 Dennis Brooks & John Ward beside a copy of the cartoon which adorned the Lightning Training Flight at Binbrook (Photo: Rob Finch).

040 Five Lightning pilots who have given massive support to the LPG over the years, (L-R) Brian Carroll, Jimmy Dell, Peter Collins, John Spencer and Dennis Brooks.

041 Former Lightning pilots Ken Goodwin, John Spencer & Peter Collins reminisce for the benefit of visitors to the LPG’s 20th Anniversary open day in 2008.

042 Andy Williams & Ian Wilde engage in a signing session to raise funds.

043 ‘Bee’ Beamont prepares to taxi XR728 in 1990 (photo: Jim Featherby).

044 Peter Orme after delivering XS904 in January 1993

045 Peter Orme taxies XS904

046 Keith Hartley (photo Andy Rickard)

047 Brian Carroll, John Spencer, Jimmy Dell, Dennis Brooks, Keith Hartley at the LPG 10th Anniversary ‘bash’ in 1998