Here are a few web sites that may interest you. Ed Durham who manages a website which aims to provide a directory of Lightning pilots still living, (Fighter pilots NEVER Die!)is particularly keen to get more Lightning pilots into his directory. Would any Lightning pilots out there who haven’t registered with him, please consider doing so. The site of the Lightning Association:- The Lightning Association was formed in the year following the aircraft’s retirement from RAF service in the spring of 1988. Adrian Campbell, from the aviation video industry, and Squadron Leader “Furz” Lloyd, a Lightning pilot ex-5 Squadron, organised a “Lightning Rally” at Binbrook on 2 July 1989. It was a great success, and out of it the Lightning Association was born.

Kit’s Kits Model Aircraft Kits site you will find lots of fantastic aviation model kits by Airfix, Hasgawaand, Revell, both new and second hand, aswell as other aviation-related items for sale such as dvd’s, posters, prints, photos, books etc RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead, Norfolk
The history of radar and its role in the defence of the UK from its inception, through the Cold War to the present day. The museum also includes a section devoted to the history of RAF Coltishall. The web site of No 74 Squadron Association. The Squadron’s 100th Anniversary will be on the 1st March 2017. Full details of how ex 74 Sqn members can join the Association are available on the site. An extensive and modern site that gives details of the history of Bruntingthorpes airfield, together with lots of information about all the aircraft on the base. It has an interactive message board and “Operations” board which will keep the Bruntingthorpe fans fully up to date regarding forthcoming events and aircraft serviceability states. A “must” for your browser “Favourites” button! A site dedicated to post-war British military aircraft, with articles on various types including the Lightning, Hunter, Vulcan, TSR.2 etc. with lists of surviving examples in each case, plus viewing guides for airfields and pictorial reviews of aviation events. More aviation information from Richard. Aerial & ground shots of a wide range of UK airfields together with a comprehensive list of Aviation Links Concorde SST, The Definitive Concorde Website “Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays” by Roger Whitcomb. There is a Lightning section on this site and a several 1024×768 pixel Lightning Wallpapers. World Class radio control scale modeller Mick reeves has recently launched his jet turbine powered Lightning F MK 1A kit The Home of Bespoke Hardwood Scale Aircraft Models.

Custom Wings models are high quality bespoke aircraft models, made from kiln dried hardwood and hand painted in any markings/colours.Any aircraft model can be made to custom order. Takes about 6-8 weeks from when all information is available. Price of a model is around £180 inc VAT depending on specificiation and hand sewn Squadron badge, let into the display stand is £25 extra. 1:48 models of XS904 and XR728 currently being made and Custom Wings can make to order any other Lightning Mk in any squadron markings. Squadron badges are 2.75 inch gold thread hand sewn. Custom Wings can also make tailflash of any Lightning Mk (or any other aircraft). Typically 14 inches height with carved markings.badge and tail letter in relief Prices are around £85. Contact Murray Pine for details:- RZF have released the first two of a series of aviation CD ROMs containing between 200 – 300 high quality colour photos on each disc. ” The Lightning – The Binbrook Wing” (as reviewed in July 2003 FlyPast) and “The British Phantom” are now available to order from the web site , priced at £12.99 each. Soon to be released will be “The RAF Hawk” followed by “The Vulcan”. The photographs are presented in large screen format, with captions, in a unique, easy to use Slide Show programme. Tom Dawes-Gamble’s award winning aviation met site which has been recently upgraded and is run in conjunction with Aerad charts. Some weather is still available free of charge, however the full service is available for the modest sum of around £35 per year. This site has unquestionably been a positive contribution to flight safety. View the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and possibly the Leicestershire countryside from the comfort of a Hot Air Balloon. Take offs are usually from Olney, Bucks. Landings depend upon Mother Nature and the skills of your pilot, Kevin Viney, who along with his wife Lesley, own and operate Great Escape Ballooning. Not to be missed.  The web site of “Flypast”. Europe’s leading magazine which contains a world of historic aviation, including of course the work and achievements of the Lightning Preservation Group, Bruntingthorpe.  Find out about all the airshows that are planned on this site  Of interest will be the new updated Gallery with over 450 pictures of Lightnings in different sqn markings, but I’m still looking for more. Garry Lakin Here are a few details from the Home Page of this site. Judge for yourself, but it looks quite interesting to me.” The aviation content has expanded to include images of all things aviation from throughout the East Midlands. Military history will remain the priority. See how the airfields look now with images from Spanhoe, Langer & Melton Mowbray, to name but a few.You will find new sections containing memorials & air show images. The East Midlands played an important role during World War Two. Lincolnshire, an area that can rightly claim to be “The Home of the RAF”, played host to Bomber Command. Other activities throughout the region included Operational Training & Troop Carrying. The American Army Air Force was well represented with the airfields of Northamptonshire being used for USAAF heavy bomber activities & fighter escort duties. Leicestershire& South Lincs saw USAAF Troop Carrying operations, with for example the 314th at Saltby & The Pathfinders of North Witham.” “Plane Crazy Aircraft Artwork”, a collection of contemporary aircraft artwork Would you like to buy some artwork other than pictures of aircraft……perhaps as a present for your other half? Then take a look at talented artist &art teacher Christine Challans web site and on-line art gallery. In Leicestershire and Rutland there are around 50 museums for you to visit as well as a host of other organisations that have an interest in or care for the heritage of the two counties and the city of Leicester.

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