Empire of the Clouds by James Hamilton-Paterson

The story of when Britain’s aircraft ruled the World.

In 1945 Britain was the world’s leading designer and builder of aircraft – a world-class achievement that was not mere rhetoric. And what aircraft they were. The sleek Comet, the first jet airliner. The awesome delta-winged Vulcan, an intercontinental bomber that could be thrown about the sky like a fighter. The Hawker Hunter, the most beautiful fighter-jet ever built and the Lightning, which could zoom ten miles above the clouds in a couple of minutes and whose pilots rated flying it as better than sex. Just what was it like to be alive in that marvellous post-war moment when innovative new British aircraft made their debut, and pilots were the rock stars of the age?

In this special fully illustrated and lavishly produced large format hardback edition James’s text is joined by glorious photographs that precisely capture the elegance, excitement and genius of these extraordinary aircraft, and offer a behind the scenes glimpse into a lost world of pioneering design, engineering and the daring of a generation of test pilots. A glorious fully-illustrated edition of the bestselling aviation history book.

A wonderful, fully-illustrated and lavishly produced Christmas gift for every aviation enthusiast

The perfect read for everyone who loved Fighter Boys, Spitfire and Vulcan 607


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