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A dramatic MoD photo of a No 5 (F) Sqn Lightning “QRA Alert” at night.


Alert states of “10mins” or more (time from alert call to having to be airborne) could normally be held from the Sqn Ops building.

Higher states of alert required crews to remain in the accommodation block immediately adjacent to the “Q” aircraft.

Now the RAF Wattisham QRA sheds have been re-erected at Bruntingthorpe airfield by the LPG, then dramatic scenes such as these can be re-enacted, and they will also serve as a working museum.

“Put a lid on it! FlyPast Magazine QRA Shed Roof Funding Appeal

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QRA Sheds at RAF Binbrook which are virtually identical to those from RAF Wattisham, which the Lightning Preservation Group are raising funds to maintain the Shed, and the two F6 Lightnings they house at Bruntingthorpe Airfield.

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