This information has been compiled from a variety of sources which are acknowledged below.
Some of the information is of a minor nature, e.g. dates of engine/air tests, APC’s etc. but it is hoped that this may help enthusiasts, for example to date or identify an unknown photograph.


ADA = Unknown abbreviation on aircraft movement cards
ASF = Aircraft Servicing Flight
ASSF = Aircraft Storage & Support Flight, which (approx. 1983) became LESF
CWP = Contractor’s Working Party
FEAF = Far East Air Force
LESF = Lightning Engineering Support Flight
MEAS = Mechanical Engineering Air Squadron (incorporated ASSF/LESF and ASF)
MOD(PE) = Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)
MU (Maintenance Units):
60 MU at RAF Leconfield
71 MU at RAF Bicester (“crash & smash” repairs, detachments visited Binbrook)
103 MU at Akrotiri


XS904 (English Electric Co. cockpit no. 95250)

26.08.66 f/f Desmond de Villiers, Samlesbury to Warton for storage
19.04.67 Coded A, XI Sqn, Leuchars
Date? A XI Sqn detached to FEAF
05.02.69 A XI Sqn returned from detachment to FEAF
12.08.70 60 MU Leconfield, major servicing
21.12.70 A XI Sqn
21.05.71 71 MU
05.07.71 A XI Sqn
(22.03.72-22.07.72 XI Sqn transfer from Leuchars to Binbrook)
16.10.72 Loaned to MOD(PE)
26.10.72 A XI Sqn
19.08.74 60 MU
09.01.75 A XI Sqn
early 75 Akrotiri with XI Sqn re Cyprus war to replace 56 Sqn on QRA
27.04.76 Storage Flight, Binbrook [first camouflaged around this time?]
29.07.76 A? XI Sqn
30.07.76 Storage Flight
04.08.76 A? XI Sqn
by 07.77 B XI Sqn
07.04.78 ASSF Store
01.02.80 D XI Sqn
14.03.80 D XI Sqn QRA to Faroes Gap,2 x Bear F (see Pete Hodgson article)
15-18.07.80 D XI Sqn Akrotiri APC
30.07.80 5 Sqn
05.09.80 D XI Sqn
17.08.81 MEAS
04.12.81 ADA
10.05.83 MEAS; LTF hangar, no markings
21.08.84 XI Sqn
05.09.84 BM XI Sqn
02.01.85 Skidded off taxiway on ice, shearing off nosewheel oleo
by 02.85 back in service
29.07-04.09.85 BM XI Sqn to Akrotiri APC
13.05.86 MEAS
28.05.86 5 Sqn
09.06.86 MEAS
14.07.86-14.10.86 Wing strengthening mods.
06.01.87 ASF hangar, ex-XI Sqn uncoded
18.02.87 ASF Air-test
20.02.87 XI Sqn
16.03.87 BQ XI Sqn (first Lightning to carry this code)
03-07.08.87 BQ XI Sqn exchange to Reims, FAF EC.30
Mirage F.1C
22.08.87 BQ XI Sqn took part in 9-ship at Last Last Lightning Show
02-10.09.87 BQ XI Sqn exchange with 323 Sqn RNethAF at Leeuwarden
21.10.87 ASF servicing, Check 2A
14.12.87 Overwing tanks fitted, ASF
15.12.87 First flight with o/w tanks, then to LESF and No.1 hangar on BAe test work with Tornado ADV Foxhunter AI.24 radar
01.02.88 LESF hangar: Check 2A, Chief Technician Ian Donaldson’s team
08.04.88 Delivered to BAe Warton (unmarked) by Flt Lt Dick Heath for continuation of radar trials (3 days before XR724)
12.04.88 Assigned MOD(PE) Warton; cumulative flying time 3959.11hr, 3881 flights
18.04.88 First target flight with Tornado A.03, pilot Peter Gordon-Johnson
24.08.88 Achieved 4000 flying hours on 3912th flight, flown by Peter Gordon-Johnson
11.10.88 Hook came down at 400kt, pilot Colin Rae
06.01.89 Parking brake jumped out of runner during t/o run. Derek Reeh lost directional control until lever returned to runner; flight aborted
08.05.91 Derek Reeh took the RHAG after the brake chute candled
11.10.91 Flown to RAF Wildenrath by Derek Reeh; fin zapped by
19 Sqn
14.10.91 Returned to Warton by Peter Gordon-Johnson
31.01.92 4000th flight (4121.30 hr); target A.03
13-14.06.92 Boscombe Down Air Tournament International, static
16.12.92 Last Lightning 3-ship with XP693 and XR773, Warton (fly-throughs at RAF Leeming, BAe Samlesbury & Blackpool Squires Gate)
22.12.92 Last static line-up of the 4 Warton Lightnings
21.01.93 Delivered to Lightning Preservation Group
by Peter Orme

Hours: 4161.51 (4034 flights); 203 hr while based at Warton