Lightning Boys 2 Paperback


Now available in paperback for the first time, 186 pages.

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The sequel to the bestselling The Lightning Boys, Lightning Boys 2, now available in paperback for the first time, is a must-have companion and continues the theme of tales from pilots and other crew connected with this iconic aircraft, giving a rare insight into post-war fighter operations. In twenty separate stories to intrigue, amaze and amuse, the book has also been compiled and written by Richard Pike.
The reader is taken to situations as diverse as intercepting sixty plus enemy aircraft, a desperate struggle in a cockpit flooded by tropical downpours, the difficulties of being affected by sudden and painful toothache at high altitude, and the curious encounter with an unidentified flying object. Yet another chapter paints a dramatic reconstruction of a scene in Germany when a Lightning, having entered an inadvertent, out-of-control spin, began an earthwards plunge towards a town centre.


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